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glossary: 1/2 1/3 1/4 96% a/d abbe abrasive achromat accumulate actual adaptation adu afocal aid air airy algorithm alignment alt-az altaz altazimuth alumina aluminim aluminium aluminizing alumosilicate amateur anastigmatic angle annealing anti-blooming aperture aplanatic apo apochromat apparent approach arc of contact arm array ascension aspheric assembly astigmatism astrophotography autoguider averted axe back barber barlow barrel belt bertele bfl binning bino binocular bioactive bird bit bk7 blast bond boring boron borosilicate brandon brightness brixner brush butt bvc camera cap code capacity carbide cass cassegrain casting catadioptric cbn ccd cell cemented centerless center-over-center centerline cerium cervit™ charget chatter chief chordal chromatic circles classes classic classical cleaning clear clock cmos cmyk coat coated collimation collodion color combine component compound conditioning confusion contrast converter coordinate correction corrector couder crayford criterion criterion cross crown current curvature curvature of dall dark data dawes ddp declination deconvolution deep depending depth dew diagonal dialsight difference diffraction digitaldilworth disk dispersion dissipation distortion dob dobson dobsonian doublet download drag & drop dressing drilling drive dust dusting dynamic ed effect efficiency efl emery encircled energy english ensquared entrance entropy equatorial erfle error exit expansion exposure eye eyepiece f.e.p.a. fast fastar fever fft field of figuring filter finder fine fine finish flat flattener flourite fluoride f-number focal focus focuser fork form foucault frame france free french friabilty full fully function furie fused silica gain galilean galoc garnet gaussian gaviola gem geometrical german ghost glass go-to goto grade gradient grain grains graphical g-ratio gregorian gregory grinder grinding grit guiding guiding heat helical hexapolar histogram hogging honeycomb honing hopping horseshoe houghton huygenian huygens hyperstar id images images imaging immersion incidance indes interference intermediate internal jig joint jones jumbo kalliscopic kellner kellner kernel kidney-bean koehler koenig könig lanthanum lap lapping lateral lead least length lens limit limited limiting line loading longitudinal low-reflection lpr lrgb lurie lv ma machine machining magnification magnifier magnitude mak making maksutov marginal mask mass masuyama maximum median meniskus meridional metal microfacet micron mirror mittenzwey modified modiulation monocentric monocentric monocular mosaic mosby mot mounting mtf multicoated nagler narrowband newton newtonian night noise nonwoven null number object objective oblique obstruction od off hand off-axis olishing on top one-shot open opera optical optics orthoscopic orthoscopic ota oxide panoptic parabolic paraboloid paraxial paries path pec pedestal periodic photosite piggyback pincushion pinion pitch pixel plane plate plossl plunge polar pole polishing powders power primary prime prism psf pupil pyrex® quantum quarter-wave quartz rack radian ramsden range ransfer ratio rayleigh rayleigh readout real rectilinea reducers reduction reflector reflex refractor refractorholism refractoritis reinforcing relief resolution resolution resolving response reticle rgb right rings ritchey-chretien roc roll room ross rouge rough rtv sagitta sagittal sampling scale scaling schiefspiegler schmidt schott schwarzschild scidmore scope scratch sct secondary seeing self-guiding semi separated setting sharpening sic sic sidereal sight silica silicon silvering singlet size sky sleek sma societies soda-lime spaced speed speers-waler spherical spherochromatism spider spot spread squares star steinheil stevick-paul strehl stroke structure subtract summing super superabrasives surface symmetrical system tangential tct telecompressor telescope telescope nut telextender telrad temperature test testing tex thermal thickness tilted tissue tn tolles tool on top tot total track transfer transformation transmission transparency trepanning triangular tri-color triplet trischiefspigler truss tube ultima ultra ultrascopic unguided unit unsharp vibration view viewer vision vulcanizing washing waterproof wavelength w-center w-edge wet wheel wide wignetting wild wipe w-normal work workshop w-stroke wynne yoke yolo zero zerodur® zirconia zirconium zoom
Index: abbe prisms, abbe sine condition, abbe v- number, aberrations, astigmatism and field curvature, balancing, chromatic, coma, correction of, distortion, lens shape and stop position effect on, measurement of, optical computations for, optical path difference, point spread functions for, and ray intercept curves, residual, seidel, spherical, third-order, tolerances for, variation with aperture and field, zonal absorption, absorption filters, acceptance cones, accommodation, achromatic doublets, achromatic prisms, achromatic singlets, achromatic telescope objectives, design forms, thin-lens theory for, additive tolerances, aerial image modulation (aim) curves, afocal attachments, afocal systems, airspaced achromats, airspaced anastigmats, airspaced triplets, airy disks, alignment telescopes, alternate lenses in zoom systems, amici objective, amici prisms, anamorphic systems, angles, of diffraction, of incidence, of prisms, of refraction, subtended, angstroms, angular aberrations, 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reflecting systems, astronomical telescopes, athermalization, autocollimating microscopes, automatic computer design, aviar lenses, axial gradients, back focal length, calculation of, and optical invariant, of two-component systems, in zoom systems, baffles, baker-nunn satellite tracking cameras, balsam cement, bandpass filters, bang-bang zooms, bar targets, barium crowns and flints, barrel distortion, beaded screens, beam power, beam splitter prisms, beam truncation, beam waists, bell centering, bench collimators, binary surfaces, binocular field of vision, binocular vision, lack of, binoculars, biocular systems, iotar objectives, blackbody radiation, blanks, blind spot, blocking, blue optical glass filters, blur and blur sizes, with mangin mirrors, rapid estimation of, in reflecting systems, with spherical aberrations, borosilicate glasses, bouwers system, brashear-hastings prisms, brass gages, bravais system, brewster’s angle, brightness, conservation of, telescope, units for, in visual acuity, broad-band coating, broken ring test, canada balsam, cancellation of waves, candle power of searchlights, candles, cardinal points, cassegrain systems, benefits of, conic sections in, focal length in, schmidt, catadioptric systems, cataracts, cauchy dispersion equation, cemented doublets, cemented quadruplets, cemented triplets, cements, center-of-curvature tests, centering, central negative doublets, central obscuration, chief rays, chromatic aberrations, in blur, in bouwers system, computations for, in condenser systems, in cooke triplets, in eye, in eyepieces, in lens design, manual correction of, in plane parallel plates, in prisms, rayleigh limit in, residuals in, in schmidt systems, in symmetrical principle, in telescope objectives, in visual acuity, chromatic difference of magnification, circular polarizers, cladding in fiber optics, closing equations, coatings, coddington’s equations, coherent illumination, mtf with, cold mirrors, cold stops, collimators, color in cooke triplets, color temperature in blackbody radiation, coma aberration, computations for, in cooke triplets, in diffractive surface design, in eyepieces, and field angle, and lens shape, with mangin mirrors, manual correction of, in plane parallel plates, with point spread functions, rayleigh limit in, in reflecting systems, in symmetrical principle, in telescope objectives, communications, fiber optics for, comparison photometry, compensating eyepieces, compound microscopes, computer-controlled polishers, computer design, concave lenses, wave fronts affected by, concave radius, in microscope objectives, in unknown optics analysis, concentric bouwers, condenser systems, cone channel condensers, cones, conic sections, conjugates, conrady dispersion equation, conservation of radiance, constant-deviation prisms, contact lenses, contrast sensitivity, contrast transfer function, convergence, convex lenses, wave fronts affected by, convex radius in microscope objectives, cooke triplet 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effective focal length (efl), calculation of, and optical invariant, in zoom systems, electromagnetic spectrum, electronic computer design, element shape solutions, ellipsoidal mirrors, in arc-lamp motion picture projectors, manufacturing, for reflecting systems, emissivity, empty magnification, endoscopes, enlarger lenses, entrance pupils, entrance windows, equiconcave and equiconvex elements, equivalent air paths, equivalent air thickness, erecting prism systems, erecting telescopes, erfle eyepieces, exit pupils, in magnifiers, in optical devices, in telescopes, exit windows, express lenses, extended objects, eye relief, eyelenses, in microscopes, in telescopes, eyepieces (see telescope systems and eyepieces) eyes, defects of, in optical design, sensitivity of, structure of, visual acuity of, f-numbers, f-theta laser scanning lenses, farsightedness, fasteners, fiber optics, for communications, gradient, field, aberration variation with, field coverage, field curvature, coddington’s equations for, computations for, in meniscus camera lenses, field flatteners, field lenses, light pipes for, in radiometers, field of view, in field lenses, in galilean telescopes, field of vision, field stops, fifth-order aberrations, filters, absorption, interference, photographic density of, spatial, thin-film coatings, first-surface mirrors, fish-eye lenses, fitting operations, flashed opal, flat-field microscope objectives, flint glasses, in cooke triplets, in meniscus anastigmats, in petzval lenses, in telescope objectives, float glass, focal collimators, focal lengths, in anamorphic systems, in cassegrain mirror systems, focal lengths (cont.), coddington’s equations for, in compound microscopes, measurement of, and optical invariant, in reflecting systems, in telescopes, of thin lenses, in two-component systems, in zoom systems, focal points, in image formation, in telescopes, focus, in anamorphic systems, depth of, of eyepieces, in optical path difference, in zoom systems, foot-lamberts, foucault test, fourier transform lenses, fovea, fraunhofer form, frequency, frequency distribution curves, frequency response in mtf, fresnel lenses, plastics for, in rangefinders, fresnel reflection, fresnel surfaces, front focal length (ffl), front focus distance (ffd), front meniscus camera lenses, fused fibers, fused quartz glass, g-sums, gain of projection screens, galilean telescopes, in anamorphic systems, aperture stops in, field of view in, gamma radiation, gastroscopes, gauss form, in lens design, in telescope objectives, gaussian beams, diffraction of, gaussian optics, gelatin filters, general and skew ray computations, aspheric surfaces, spherical surfaces, generalized design technique, aberration balancing in, manual correction in, residual reduction in, trigonometric correction in, generating process, geneva lens gages, geometric image energy distribution, geometric spot size, geometrical modulation transfer factor, germanium ir design, glare stops, glass fibers, glass filters, glass molding, glasses (see optical glass) goerz dagors, goerz prisms, gradient index fibers, gradient index glasses, graphical raytracing, gray-bodies, green optical glass filters, gregorian telescopic system, grin rods, grinding, half-field angles in radiometers, hartmann dispersion equation, heat-absorbing glasses, height, for objects at infinity, in raytracing, hektor anastigmats, heliar anastigmats, hemispheres, radiation into, herzberger dispersion equation, high-power microscope objectives, high-speed processing, higher-efficiency coating, higher-order aberrations, hot mirrors, huygenian eyepieces, huygen’s principle, hyperboloids, hyperfocal distance, hypergon lenses, hyperopia, illumination, and apertures, of natural sources, illumination (cont.), in photometry, units for, in visual acuity, illumination devices, integrating spheres, light pipes in, projection condensers, searchlights, telescope brightness, image evaluation, geometric spot size, image energy distribution, modulation transfer function, computation of, diffraction-limited systems, optical path difference, point spread functions for, radial energy distribution, spread functions for, tolerances in, image formation, cardinal points in, focal points and principal points in, light ray refraction in, matrix optics in, mirrors in, optical invariant in, paraxial raytracing in, paraxial region in, position in, scheimpflug condition in, separated component systems in, sign conventions in, size in, thin lenses in, y-ybar diagrams in, image height, objects at infinity, in paraxial raytracing, images, evaluating (see image evaluation) forming (see image formation) illumination of, orientation of, in prism systems, radiometry of, immersion lenses, immersion objectives, index dispersion, index-slope angle products, indexes, of eye surfaces, of lenses in paraxial raytracing, indexes (cont.), of prisms, of refraction, and dispersion, importance of, for mirrored surfaces, test for, infinite conjugates, infinity, height for objects at, infinity f-numbers, infrared region, infrared transmitting glasses, instrument myopia, integrating spheres, intensity, in photometry, in radiometry, intercept length for mirrored surfaces, interference, interference coatings, interference filters, interferometers, internal transmittance, intersection coordinates for skew rays, inverse dall-kirkham system, inverse square law, inversion prisms, inverting telescopes, ir cooke triplet, ir telescope, iris, irradiance, from diffuse sources, in photometry, in radiometry, iterative technique, johnson’s law, k-mirrors, kellner eyepieces, kepler telescopes, keratoconus, kettler-drude dispersion equation, keystone distortion, kinematic mounts, kinoforms, knife-edge scans, knife-edge test, knife-edge traces, knoop hardness, koehler projection condensers, koenig prisms, lagrange invariant, lambertian diffusers, lamberts, lambert’s law, landolt broken ring test, laser ablation, laser beam diffraction, laser beam expanders, laser diodes, laser disk objectives, laser rangefinders, lasik, lateral aberrations, lateral magnification, law of refraction, laws of probability, leman prisms, lens bench collimators, lens benches, lens shape effect on aberrations, lenses, designs for, automatic, sample, mounts for, power of, in unknown optics analysis, wave fronts affected by, lenticular screens, licht-sprechers, light pipes, light wave propagation, line images, line spread functions, linear aberrations, linear blur, linear dimensions in computations, linear kinoform surfaces, linear resolution, liquids, long-pass transmission filters, longitudinal departure, longitudinal magnification, longitudinal spherical aberrations, lord rayleigh’s criterion, low-expansion glasses, low-index, broadband cooke triplets, low-index glass, low-power microscope objectives, low-reflection coatings, lumens, luminous radiation, lyot stops, index magnetorheologic polishing, magnification, in anamorphic systems, in microscopes, in telescopes, magnifiers,, maksutov system, mangin mirrors, manual aberration correction, marechal criterion, materials, in design, in optical manufacture, specifications and tolerances for, matrix optics, measurements, aberration, focal length, modulation transfer function, telescopic power, medium-power microscope objectives, melt fits, meniscus forms, camera lens, in design, focal points in, inner crown, for photographic objectives, in residual aberrations, meridional rays and planes, merit function, merte effect, merte surfaces, mesopic curve, micrometers, microns, microscopes and microscope objectives, aplanatic surfaces in, autocollimating, compound, flat-field, high-power, low-power, medium-power, rayleigh limit in, reflecting, simple, millimicrons, minifiers, minimum deviation of prisms, mirrors, ellipsoidal, in image formation, mangin, mounting, plane, semireflecting, spherical, modified amici prisms, modulation transfer function (mtf), with coherent and semi-coherent illumination, computation of, diffraction-limited systems in, measurement of, motion, magnification of, mounting techniques, multilayer coatings, myopia, nanometers, narrow bandpass filters, natural stop positions, nearsightedness, negative magnification, negative outer meniscus elements, newton’s black spot, newton’s rings, nicol prisms, night myopia, nodal points, nodal slides, nonbrowning glasses, nonspherical surfaces, null lenses, numerical aperture (na), in fiber optics, in illumination for mtf, objective lenses and systems, in microscopes, photographic (see photographic objectives) in telescopes, testing, offense against sine condition (osc), oil-immersion microscopes, old schott dispersion equation, diopter prisms, opal glass, opening equations, optic nerve, optical axes, optical coatings, optical computations, aberration, coddington’s equations, general and skew rays, aspheric surfaces, spherical surfaces, meridional rays, paraxial rays, optical contact method, optical devices, anamorphic systems, compound microscopes, diffractive surfaces, exit pupils, eyes, and resolution in, fiber optics, field lenses and relay systems, radiometers and detector optics, rangefinders, simple microscopes and magnifiers, telescopes, variable-power systems, optical glass, in cooke triplets, gradient index, infrared transmitting, low-expansion, in meniscus anastigmats, in meniscus camera lenses, in petzval lenses, in telescope objectives, optical invariant, optical laboratory practice, aberration measurement, focal length measurement, foucault test, lens benches, modulation transfer function measurement, resolution tests, schlieren test, star test, telescopic power measurement, unknown optics analysis, optical manufacture, blocking, centering, grinding, optical manufacture (cont.), high-speed processing, materials, nonspherical surfaces, polishing, rough shaping, single-point diamond turning, optical mounting techniques, optical path difference (opd), for aberration measurements, computations for, focus shift in, in ray intercept plots, rms, spherical aberration in, optical path length, optical specifications and tolerances, additive, centering, materials, prism dimensions and angles, surface accuracy, surface quality, thickness, optical systems, resolution of, optical systems design, achromatic telescope objectives, cooke triplet anastigmats, diffractive surfaces, by electronic computer, generalized design technique, practical considerations in, simple meniscus camera lens, symmetrical principle in, optical transfer function (otf), orders of aberrations, orientation in prism systems, orthometar lenses, orthoscopic eyepieces, osc aberration computations, overcorrected astigmatism, overcorrected distortion, overcorrected spherical aberration, overspecification, paraboloidal mirrors, blur size estimation in, manufacturing, in reflecting systems, paraxial rays, computations for, for mirrored surfaces, through several surfaces, in third-order aberrations, paraxial region, path length in fiber optics, pattern-generating surfaces, peak-to-valley (p-v) opd, peaking-up characteristics, pechan prisms, pellicles, penta prisms, pentac anastigmats, perfect optical systems, periscopes, petzval curvature, in cooke triplets, in eyepieces, manual correction of, in meniscus camera lens, petzval lenses, for photographic objectives, with split elements, petzval sum, petzval surfaces, phase shifts, phase transfer function (ptf), photoelectric effect, photographic density of filters, photographic depth of focus, photographic objectives, afocal attachments, airspaced anastigmats, meniscus anastigmats, petzval lenses, reverse telephoto lenses, telephoto lenses, photographic triplet lens, photometry, photopic curve, pincushion distortion, pipes, light, pitch in blocking, planck’s law, plane mirrors, plane parallel plates, plane surface reflections, plane waves, plasmat lenses, plastic cements, plastic fibers, plastic optical materials, plate glass, ploessl eyepieces, point spread functions (psfs), polarizing materials, polishing, porro prisms, portrait lenses, position in image formation, power, in anamorphic systems, in cooke triplet anastigmats, in design, of field lenses, of lenses, of microscopes, radiated into hemispheres, of searchlights, in telescopes, of two-component systems, precision bevels, precision in computations, presbyopia, pressing, primary aberrations, manual correction of, point spread functions for, principal planes, principal points, principal rays, prisms, achromatic and direct vision, in anamorphic systems, designing, dimensions and angles for, diopter, dispersing, erecting systems for, in eyepieces, inversion, minimum deviation of, mounting, penta, plane parallel plates in, polarizing, in rangefinders, reflection from plane surfaces in, rhomboids and beam splitters, right-angle, roof, thin, total internal reflection in, wave fronts affected by, prk technique, projection condensers, projection screens, projection tv objectives, protars, protected glasses, pulfrich refractometers, pupils, and aperture stop, eye, in magnifiers, in optical devices, in telescopes, zones of, purkinje shift, purple optical glass filters, r-biotars, radial energy distribution, radial gradients, radial keratotomy, radial test targets, radiant intensity, radiation, blackbody, glasses for, into hemispheres, reducing, radiometers, radiometry and radiance, blackbody radiation, conservation of, and diffuse sources, and hemispheres, of images, inverse square law for, and lambert’s law, spectral, radius in unknown optics analysis, ramsden eyepieces, rangefinders, rapid estimation of blur size, rare earth glasses, ray heights in raytracing, ray refraction at single surface, ray slope-index product, rayleigh limit (rl), rayleigh’s criterion, rays, intercept curves for, through lenses, meridional, paraxial raytracing, in aberration measurements, computer effects on, graphical, in optical computations, through several surfaces, for spot diagrams, real angular field of view, real images, rear meniscus camera lens, rear projection screens, reciprocal relative dispersion, red optical glass filters, reduction of residual aberrations, reflectance levels of natural sources, reflecting microscope objectives, reflecting systems, bouwers system, conic sections through origins in, ellipsoid and hyperboloid, mangin mirrors, paraboloidal reflectors in, schmidt system, spherical mirrors in, reflection, dielectric, in fiber optics, with immersion lenses, in prisms, reflectors, refracting prisms, refraction, equations for, law of, at single surface, for skew rays, regions of solution, reinforced waves, relative apertures, relative dispersion, relay systems, replication, plastics for, residual aberrations, resistance of optical glass, resolution, of compound microscopes, in diffraction-limited systems, of eyes, in fiber optics, in modulation transfer function, in optical devices, resolution (cont.), of optical systems, tests for, reticles, retina, retrofocus lenses, reverse telephoto lenses, reversed tessars, rhomboid prisms, right-angle prisms, ritchey-chretien objective, rms (root-mean square) opd, rod-lens endoscopes, rods, ronchi grating tests, roof prisms, rough shaping, sagittal coma, sagittal curvature of field, sagittal height, scaling of aberrations, scheimpflug condition, schlieren test, schmidt cameras, schmidt prisms, schmidt systems, blur size estimation in, cassegrains, in reflecting systems, schwarzchild configuration, scotopic curve, scratch and dig specifications, searchlights, second-surface mirrors, secondary spectrum (ss), in achromatic telescope objectives, in diffractive surface design, seidel aberrations, seidel coefficients, selfoc rods, sellmeier dispersion equation, semi-coherent illumination, mtf with, semireflecting mirrors, sensitivity of eyes, separated component systems, seventh-order aberrations, sheet polarizers, short-pass transmission filters, sigmoidoscopes, sign conventions, for mirrored surfaces, for telescopes, simple lenses, blur size estimation in, meniscus camera, wave fronts affected by, simple microscopes, simultaneous design techniques, sine wave response, sine-wave targets in mtf, single-lens elements, blur size estimation in, single-lens reflex (slr) cameras, single-material catadioptric systems, single-point diamond turning, single refracting elements, blur size estimation in, single surface, ray refraction at, singlet correctors, size in image formation, skew rays, aspheric surface computations, spherical surface computations, slits in mtf tests, slope angles in paraxial raytracing, snell’s law of refraction, sonnar anastigmats, spacing, in cooke triplet anastigmats, in design, in microscope objectives, in telescopes, in unknown optics analysis, sparrow’s criterion, spatial filtering, special glasses, gradient index, infrared transmitting, low-expansion, spectral radiometry, speed of systems, spheres, integrating, spherical aberration, in anastigmats, in blur, computations for, in condenser systems, in cooke triplets, in diffraction-limited systems, in diffractive surface design, in eyepieces, fifth-order, geometric spot size due to, and lens shape, manual correction of, in meniscus camera lens, spherical aberration (cont.), in optical path difference, in petzval lenses, in plane parallel plates, in point spread functions, rayleigh limit in, in reflecting systems, in telescope objectives, third-order, wave aberration polynomial for, spherical gradients, spherical mirrors, spherical reflectors, spherical surfaces, general and skew rays on, spherical test plates, spherochromatism, computations for, in diffractive surface design, in residual aberrations, in telescope objectives, spherometers, spike filters, spinning shoulders, split elements, split-front triplets, split-image rangefinders, split-rear crown double gauss, spot diagrams, spot size due to spherical aberration, spread functions, spreading of gaussian beams, sprenger prisms, spurious resolution, square-wave targets in mtf, star test, statistical combination, stefan-boltzmann law, steinheil form, steradians, stereo vision, stokes lenses, stop shift equations, stops (see apertures) stray radiation, strehl definition, strehl ratio,, styrene plastic, subtended angles, superachromat lenses, surface curvature in eye, surfaces, diffractive, specifications and tolerances for, in third-order aberration computations, surveying instruments, sweatt model, symmetrical eyepieces, symmetrical principle, synthesis of optical systems (see optical systems design) systems of separated components, t-stops, tangential coma, tangential curvature of field, tangential images, tangential rays and planes, targets in mtf, telecentric stops, telephoto lenses, telephoto ratio, telescope systems and eyepieces, brightness in, diopter adjustment of, erector systems, erfle eyepieces, huygenian eyepieces, kellner eyepieces, magnification, magnifiers, objective systems in, orthoscopic eyepieces, power measurements, ramsden eyepieces, rayleigh limit in, symmetrical eyepieces, temperature, in blackbody radiation, and telescope objectives, terrestrial telescopes, tessar anastigmats, test plates, theodolites, thick lenses, in cooke triplets, in design, thickness, apparent, of filters, magnification of, thickness (cont.), in paraxial raytracing, in unknown optics analysis, thickness fits, thin elements, thin-edged elements, thin-film computations, thin lenses, aberration expressions, blur size estimation in, in image formation, stop shift equations, for telescope objectives, thin prisms, third-order aberrations, in cooke triplets, in diffraction-limited systems, in geometric spot size, in meniscus camera lenses, rayleigh limit in, in reflecting systems, in residual aberrations, surface contribution in, thin lenses, third-order theory, mm camera objectives, three-dimensional vision, three-hole masks, topogon lens, toroids, total curvature of thin lenses, total emissivity, total internal reflection (tir), transfer equations, transformation temperature in glass, transmission, calculations for, in radiance of images, transmitting diffusers, transverse aberrations, transverse magnification, triangulation rangefinders, trigonometric correction, trigonometric functions, triplet achromats, triplets, with aspheric field correctors, cooke (see cooke triplet anastigmats) truncation, beam, tunnel diagrams, twisting in lens mounting, two-component systems, ultraviolet region, undercorrected astigmatism, undercorrected spherical aberrations, underspecification, unfolding prisms, unknown optics analysis, usaf resolution test target, v-number,, variable-power systems, velocity of propagation, vernier acuity, vertex length, viewer lenses, vignetting, virtual images, visible spectrum, visual acuity, visual centering, visual resolution of microscopes, vitreous humor, waists, warping in lens mounting, watts, wave aberration polynomial, wave fronts, aberration, simple lens and prism affects on, wavelength, in blackbody radiation, and dispersion, and emissivity, and eye sensitivity, in fiber optics, in radiometry, wide-angle design, wide-angle lenses, wide-angle photography, widely airspaced doublets, wien’s displacement law, wind-tunnel applications, window glass, wood lenses, working f-numbers, wratten ilters, y-ybar diagrams, ynu raytraces, young’s experiment, zeiss protars, zero-power meniscus elements, zonal aberrations, in anastigmats, computations for, in diffractive surface design, with point spread functions, rayleigh limit in, zonal aberrations (cont.), in residual aberrations, in telescope objectives, zones of pupils, zoom systems
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